Digital (IT) strategy for business

Is your business ready for the digital economy? Do you have a digital strategy in place? Keeping up with digital technologies and incorporating them into your day-to-day business is essential if you want to remain competitive in an increasingly digital marketplace.

A digital strategy, sometimes called a digital media strategy, is a plan for maximizing the business benefits of data assets and technology-focused initiatives. A successful digital strategy requires a cross-functional team with executive leadership, marketing and information technology (IT) members.

The 9 key components of a digital strategy are:

  • Online presence.
  • Digital marketing.
  • Selling online.
  • Customer interaction.
  • Online security.
  • Supplier interaction.
  • Mobile-based solutions.
  • Efficiencies through technology.

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Key Components of a Digital Strategy

Depending on your business type and industry, some of these will be more relevant to you than others. The important thing is to remain competitive, so it’s a good idea to research other similar businesses in your industry to see how they use digital technologies. Aim to at least keep pace with what your competitors are doing.